Our Story

A True American Story!

Two great friends, two different cities! Greg and Matt both have cut and sew businesses in different parts of the US. Both run successful companies that cater to outdoor activities and family fun. When Covid-19 struck, Matt's business came to a screeching halt! The machines stopped running and the majority of the production staff had to be let go. One morning on Greg's daily walk, the idea popped into his head to make graphic cloth masks for his customers. As the idea festered, he realized his company didn’t have the proper printing capabilities nor the capacity to do it right. About 3 minutes later, Matt popped into his head and the run home began. Greg's dog was
looking up at him in disbelief, “I didn’t know he could run!”.

A call was made to Matt and within an hour, samples were being printed and sewn. Through a lot of trial and error, a design was created that provides maximum comfort with needed protection. Keep in mind, we’re not a garment company now making masks, we’ve had to change gears quickly. Fast forward a week and the majority of the production staff is back at work and the machines are now running at full speed again!

We wouldn’t have the American Story if we weren’t able to give something back. It is our belief to keep our employees working and keep unemployment for those in need. We also want to do our part of giving back to the first responders, who work tirelessly on the front lines. Since we are unable to donate these non-surgical types of masks, the company will be cutting mask extenders. The extenders will be used to relieve ear strain and discomfort from the many hours that first responders wear their masks. We will be donating the extenders to hospitals and first responders around the country.

Every purchase you make will go to helping us donate extenders and we
thank you!

From our family to yours, we wish everyone a safe journey through these
unchartered times and this too shall pass!


Greg and Matt